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Livewire is a small publishing house based in Dublin. We started out in 2005 with the autobiographical account of the remarkable but little known army captain and founder of the Irish Citizen Army, the loyalist-born socialist Captain Jack White’s Misfit, A RevolutionaryLife. This is now in its third edition, recently updated with a centenary edition in 2013 which is being distributed by the Workers’ Solidarity Movement in Ireland as well as AK Press & Distribution in the UK, and is also available on Amazon.co.uk.

Livewire published two other books in 2011, a collection of essays and a piece of fiction. We work on a print-on-demand basis using CPI UK. Livewire regards itself as left anarchist – situationist influenced – but is not bogged down in ideology. Distribution is always a problem for small publishers – Livewire uses, AK distribution, Active, Central Books, and Bertrams – as well as a mail order option via Amazon.co.uk. Since Easons takes 60% of cover price we do not use them anymore. Plans for an edition of “The Politics of Surrealism” are on hold. This will have an emphasis on the politics and little known interventions of the Surrealists and a strong bent on Benjamin Peret, who fought in the Durutti Column in the Spanish Civil War as well as criticising the role of the unions in modern capitalism.

Science & Capital

Science & Capital

Livewire Publications launced in January 2011, a collection of essays, Science & Capital, Radical Essays on Science & Technology, that we hoped would offer a refreshing critique of both science and technology. The book aimed to challenge the myopic trust modern society places in science and scientific experts and had a comprehensive introduction by Phil Meyler which is both an update on the present day Science Factory as well as dealing with theoretical issues like the Sokal Affair, well worth the read if you’re anyway interested in Science.

This was followed by the publication of the novel“Kiss of the Chicken King”, recently republished in a revised new edition.

Kiss of the Chicken King

Kiss of the Chicken King

by the Glaswegian-born writer and performance actor Oscar McLennan. It’s an original story from an extraordinary writer about an outcast figure who winds his way through the London of the 1980s. The latest revised edition was published in March 2014. The book has now been developed into a Performance lasting an hour and 10 minutes, plus a CD with the same name. The Performance was commissioned by the Adelaide Theatre Festival for March 2014 and by the Project Theatre in Dublin in April 2014.

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